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Tab Muter

Tab Muter is a Chrome extension that re-adds a way to access the “Mute Tab” feature, which used to be available in Chrome itself.


Tab Muter does not deliberately collect or transmit any personal data.

The only data that is persistently stored by Tab Muter is your preferred icon colour (if configured in the extension options), which is stored in Chrome’s synced settings storage, and whether you have chosen to hide the "Something not working?" popup that shows up when you click the mute-tab button repeatedly, which is stored locally on your machine.

In certain circumstances (e.g. when “debug mode”, found in the extension options, is enabled), some information about your computer or browser might be logged (for example, the size of the browser window, or in rare cases the IDs of other extensions you have installed). Tab Muter never sends these logs to anyone. If you are experiencing problems with the extension and ask me for support, I might ask you to copy the logs into a bug report; you always have the option not to do this, if you are for any reason uncomfortable sharing that information.

Last update to this section: 2024-03-01


Tab Muter currently doesn’t work properly on Google Meet – see this page for details.


Download Tab Muter on the Chrome Web Store.

The latest in-development source code is available on GitHub.