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Creating minidumps with Wine

scenario: you have a windows application running in wine that you want to take a minidump of

  1. find the pid of the relevant wineserver process (e.g. via pgrep -afi wineserver), and call that $pid
  2. figure out which environment variables you need to set to run stuff in that wineprefix: comm -23 (cat /proc/$pid/environ | tr '\0' '\n' | sort | psub) (env | sort | psub)
  3. run winedbg with those environment varibles (take the path to wineserver, and winedbg should be right next to it)
  4. in the winedbg session, run info process then quit
  5. in winedbg's output, find the pid of the process you're interested in, and call that $hexpid
  6. convert it to decimal (math 0x$hexpid), and call that $wpid
  7. with the same environment variables as before: winedbg --minidump $wpid